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Private investigation, espionage, hacking and more.

Back after a few years, but better than ever before!

Problems with your (crazy) ex? Painful custody battle? Things looking bad for you in court? Bad grades in uni? Want to get revenge on someone? Espionage needs?

For this, and much more, RossaR is available to help.

Who I am

For the ones that don't know me, I have been around on the DW for a number of years, operating under a number of aliases. I won't repeat my aliases but the ones that know me know how serious I am. After being gone off the DW for over a year I'm back, better than ever before.

I have numerous years or professional intelligence / spy and private investigation experience working for private companies. Having contacts all over the world in big organizations is another thing that helps me achieve my clients goals better than anyone else. In bigger jobs I will outsource certain parts to other former intelligence agents / spies that specialize in that certain type of work. Almost anything can be done, just ask.


Help in court

Are you entangled in a painful divorce or custody battle and are things not looking good for you? Or do you think the judge has a prejudice against you? Whatever your reason for needing help might be, I'm here for you.

From experience I can say that the judicial sytstem is not as clean as a lot of people think. But I can give you the angle you need to get what you want.

From getting you full physical custody of your child, to getting you to have the whole marital estate, it has been done before, and can be done again. Having people drop their charges against you is also possible, but will be very costly. My method for getting full custody of a child are extremely effective and have a success rate close to 100%, no one else can do it like I do.

Starting at 4000 USD

Getting fucked over, especially by someone you trusted, can be an often painful and tragic thing that keeps you awake at night, or just unable to become your old self.

That is especially true if the person that did this to you did it on purpose, and doesn't seem to take the effects of their actions seriously.

There is not a lot that can make that pain or anger go away, though one thing that has proven to be very successful is getting your revenge. A lot of things are possible here so just ask.

Starting at 2000 USD

Back in the day this was my specialization, and my skills in this field have only improved in the time that I was only working outside of the DW.

A lot is possible, from corporate espionage to find secrets about other companies, to acquiring incriminating material on companies or people.

Starting at 4000 USD
Private Investigation

These services stand in correlation with Espionage. A lot can be done including getting all types of evidence and tracking down people.

Tracking down people would be done using digital forensics and operatives that are in the approximate area of the target. I can do everything on my own if full privacy is needed but that will increase the price.

Starting at 3000 USD
Hacking & Grade Changing

Back in the day I used to provide hacking services for people to order, but this is not available anymore outside of the other services that I offer in which I use hacking to get achieving the goals.

Though there are a couple of exceptions, like grade changing. It can be done to pretty much any university or high school on the planet. Please inquire to ask if a hacking project can be done but things like email hacking or taking over devices is NOT available without buying a whole PI - Espionage - Help in Court or Revenge service.

Starting at 2000 USD


You can contact me using email or by messaging me on the Dream Market.

Dream Market username: Rossar
Emails, sorted by preference of being contacted at:


Contact me using the email if you don't own a tor email address, or just make one at torbox3uiot6wchz.onion using the tor browser and email me at my torbox address for a safer form of communication. The normal response time will be around 6 hours, but you have a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

PGP encryption is available at request.

My services aren't cheap. But you are paying for a unique and professional service that isn't offered by anyone else on the DW. Anyone that claims to be able to do the same things as I can is a scammer and should not be trusted.

When considering my services you must also keep in mind that lot of my services can make you save or get money, or at the very least give you the satisfaction of knowing that justice has been served.

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